Jun 28

State to probe opposition MPs funding sources

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www.ntvuganda.co.ug The tables have turned on legislators who rejected the 20 million shillings advanced to them by the government prior to the general election. Information Minister Kabakumba Matsiko says the government is investigating if those MPs were beneficiaries of funds from another source.

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3 Responses to “State to probe opposition MPs funding sources”

  1. mzee4457 says:

    Museveni once again stole, rigged the election. Sad state of affairs for Uganda—again. Now he becomes President for life! It might have to take bloodshed for Uganda to free itself from this nightmare— once again ! But, as the Middle East has shown, change can and will come to Uganda. In the end Good (God) wins! So, Museveni, just like Obote, Amin, you too, will become just a footnote in history. Nothing much but just another thieving African tyrant.

  2. mzee4457 says:

    Allegience to what ??? Kleptocracy ?? Kabakumba you are part of the National Robbers Movement–(-(NRM). Ugandans are dying needlessly due to THEFT OF THE LIKES OF MABABAZI, BUKENYA etc and you have the audacity to accuse others of unethical conduct. What a fucking idiot !!!

  3. kkobss says:

    Kabakumba Matsiko top thug talking !!

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