Apr 23

What You May Not Know About Credit Cards

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Credit cards seem fairly straightforward. You make a purchase, swipe your card, and the bill comes once a month. Well, it’s really a bit more complicated tha…

How Credit Cards Work -- Deal of the Day (The Frugalicious Show)

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25 Responses to “What You May Not Know About Credit Cards”

  1. sultan Maree says:

    could it be possible two credit card numbers have the same last 4 digits

  2. Dpiiiius says:

    Her voice is amazing

  3. Dave Ragoo says:

    hi what i would like to know is can you use a credit card to draw cash
    money out of an atm 

  4. Abajabba Dahatt says:

    OMG!!! I’ve been wondering and asking around for AGESSSS to actually find
    out how credit card really works in every steps, every bits & details and
    now I do! Thanks to this lady, she’s made it so cleared!!! Thank you a
    gain!! 😘 finally I understand credit card!! 😁😁😁😍

  5. darian ricks says:

    so if i spend $50 dollars in that month next month i’m paying off the $50!
    makes sense i get it. I understand i’m 20years old, I’m setting a limit and
    i won’t get stupid or get Money eyes.

  6. fhhh says:

    her mouth. It’s weird

  7. fhhh says:

    Okay I can’t finish the video. Your mouth and voice is too distracting and
    it’s weirding me out.

  8. gerson ong says:

    wow i like her,nice 

  9. fhhh says:

    I still don’t get it. I need visuals. I had a $500 limit and I use all of
    it and I have been making payments for like 2 years of like $30 a month or
    something and then when I missed a payment or two, I would just make a pay
    100 or whatever the past due balance was. Now I have some extra money so I
    made a $100 payment extra and so now my balance is $300 something. So does
    that mean I don’t have to pay for a while? Or does that mean they’re still
    going to bill me for the minimum payment until my balance is zero.

  10. Tayla mcAdam says:


  11. berryblueyes says:

    If you never get a credit card it can be incredibly difficult to get credit
    for other things that you need in life like student loans, a home, or a

  12. Marice91 says:

    Creditcards sound pretty scary! If you’re a bit ill-advised, you could
    really build up some serious debt. =(

  13. fannie-eve Christopherson says:

    I only use my credit card when I know I already have the money in my bank
    account. I mainly use it when I buy online and it’s the rule I stick to.
    For bigger purchase ( like my computer) I took the credit card the store
    offered ( had to asks a LOT of questions to understand how it works) I have
    a year to pay it back 🙂

  14. TheFrugaliciousShow says:

    @cabulin123 Aww thanks for the nice compliment, I really appreciate it! 🙂
    Glad you like them!

  15. bussinessmen100 says:

    what about $1000 purchase payed off in 4 months? or do you HAVE to pay off
    the bill in the next month???

  16. GEO Love says:

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  17. TheFrugaliciousShow says:

    @fannieeve That is super smart! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for watching

  18. underworld says:

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  19. SweetnSassyChick2629 says:

    the best tip is to have a prepaid credit card u don’t have to pay a bill or
    nothing but as long there money on it your all set but just figure i would
    toss that out there for people that may not know about it

  20. jeta45 says:

    Get to the point woman!!!

  21. PinStripedLips says:

    Like many other students, as soon as I started college the credit card
    offers started rolling in. I’m still getting them now. I thought it was
    silly, but then again my parents had always warned me about how easy it was
    to fall into serious debt with credit cards and how as a young adult I
    should avoid that mess. I suppose some students really fall into a bad
    financial situation though as soon as they’re old enough to swipe their

  22. TheFrugaliciousShow says:

    @Marice91 They do sound scary, and I think (as I said) the credit card
    companies have confusing policies and calculations, because it’s how they
    make their money 🙁 So you are totally right, you definitely need to be
    careful – a lot of people unfortunately have built up serious debt. Thanks
    for watching !

  23. mzrebel87 says:

    this was very helpful, thank you.. i thought i knew all the basics to
    credit cards but i didnt.. i dont own one myself yet either because i just
    got out of university a few years ago and since i was planning on getting
    back into it with an MA program i didnt bother finding a high paying job..
    now im back in uni but ive realized to make the kinds of purchases that are
    sometimes necessary at my age i need good credit.. i feel so much more
    informed now and a lot more comfortable finding out more

  24. TheFrugaliciousShow says:

    @yazmimi Thanks for sharing your story! Sorry you’re in debt 🙁 but it
    sounds like you’re on the right track to getting out of debt. Good for you!
    You can do it! Keep in mind that once you have it all paid off….new
    credit card offers will start rolling in!!!! It’s terrible but it’s true 🙂
    On another note, I’ve heard stories of people freezing their credit cards
    in a glass of water, so if they want to use them they have to wait for it
    to thaw, lol. Thanks for watching 🙂

  25. TheFrugaliciousShow says:

    @MsScrappinGal A lot of people do choose debit cards instead of credit
    cards, so they’re not tempted to buy things they can’t afford. In Europe,
    debit cards are much more popular than credit cards. Thanks for watching 🙂

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