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Best way to use credit cards to improve credit

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On this weeks Real Estate Rat Pack Radio show, Edgar asks a great question: How to best utilize credit cards for maximum credit score improvement.
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Xbox & PSN HACKED! 13,000 Accounts Hacked & Leaked Online - Credit Cards, Passwords & More

Xbox & PSN Hacked with 13000 Accounts Leaked Online! Support this video by clicking the Like Button and SHARE the video! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/C…
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20 Responses to “Best way to use credit cards to improve credit”

  1. Ronald Brown says:

    Hello, I just paid off a credit card and closed the account. I was told
    closing the credit card was kind of a bad thing to do. Would that really
    hurt my credit score or not?

  2. Mujahith Ali says:

    Heya. Fantastic video. My buddy could not get a car because their credit
    score was so poor. They said some awesome things about The Amazing Bacalet
    Credit Repair Genie (just google it). This simple solutions gets great
    results. It can repair your credit score in only 60 days. Give it a quick
    run over today. You will have the credit score you deserve when you stick
    to The Amazing Bacalet Credit Repair Genie. As they said have a strategy
    and take action right now 

  3. oChaoticRavenger says:

    Xbox & PSN Servers Attacked and taken offline on Christmas Day, now this?
    Check your accounts to ensure you have not been affected! 

  4. oChaoticRavenger says:

    Like the video & SHARE this video on Facebook & Twitter to make others
    aware of this leak! 

  5. Stewie Griffin says:


  6. Connor James says:



  7. Collin Mac says:

    If you’re a psn user there’s no way to change your passwords since the site
    is down. Better spread them cheeks and get the lube ready. But how Fu#$@!
    Up do u have to be to do this on Christmas 

  8. Cody D says:

    So now we got Lizard Squad AND Anonymous hacking the same thing, grest,
    just great.

  9. Herkko Koskinen says:

    I would gladly stab a hacker like this in the face… you know.. “for the
    lulz” 😀

    No but seriously though, getting kinda pissed off and considering moving in
    a log cabin in the middle of the forest. It’s pretty clear even big
    companies don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to cyber security,
    when a handful of people can cause all this. (Well, allegedly the xbox live
    and psn attacks were down to 2-3 people. Wow.)

  10. ValenNoDoubt says:

    OMG NO!!! Im visting familys and my cousins have xbox so I cant check if my
    PSN was hacked or not!!! :(

  11. Colin Connolly says:

    It’s fake that list of users were used a long time ago! Haha no one worry!

  12. Billy Eden says:

    Hi my name is jeff about a week ago it was my birthday and I was in love
    with the coco cake and then i went to a pub and got steaming and said “u
    want sum ill give it ya” and he said “you got no fans”

  13. MZKSTR gaming says:

    Not true, the real anonymous organization had nothing to do with this, this
    was a fake account that the real anonymous had chosen to ignore even though
    apparently this single individual had the capability to do a hack that only
    the real anonymous could pole off. Anonymous is denying this on Twitter and
    trying to find the IP of the fake anonymous employee to DDOS his equipment
    and shut down the sight with the codes

  14. Jack Black says:

    I still can’t get psn up 😡😤😭

  15. Jeezus Simmons says:

    Dont Panic. This is not true do your research. Go to the REAL Anonymous
    Twitter they never tweeted this.

  16. JakeyFX says:

    The Lizard Squad made a new twitter account called FifaSquad there saying
    they are going to be giving everyone free packs and gonna take over ea idk
    anyone investigate?

  17. Sam Smella says:

    The real anonymous values dont say anyhing about being a dickhead. His is
    obviously some wannabe

  18. Michael Belshaw says:

    Damn I forgot my account password and tried seeing the page shut down so no
    password for me :(

  19. Miraak Dova says:

    Ive never had any problems :D

  20. Shakar Kadir says:

    Guys dont worry is all fake those accounts all old and password everything
    changed and some are just fake they dont exist 

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