2nd Chance Checking Account

Can’t Open a Checking Account due to Chexsystems?

Man with headache can't get bank account due to chexsystems

Now You Can!

Get your direct deposit switched in to a service fee free account and wait and see how much money you will save from service fees alone! Also, you will not have to go in to the bank and beg the manager to refund your money like you are some lowlife who can’t manage his checking account! Don’t leave it up to the bank to decide if you will be able to pay your bills by refunding fees, just skip the fees all together!

Second Chance Checking Account

Online Bill Pay

Free Credit Builder

Non ChexSystems Bank

Free Direct Deposit

No Overdraft fees

No Credit Check

Get 2nd Chance Bank Account Number

Second Chance Checking Account

Second Chance Checking Account

Start Banking Today!

No Credit Check Bank Account Now




Your Checking Account: Lessons in Personal Banking

Teach student the skills they need to maintain a checking account!
Uses real-life forms for practice with making deposits, writing checks, keeping a check register, and balancing a checkbook
Builds experience with electronic banking including ATMs, debit cards, and online banking
Guides students through a six-month banking simulation
Revised and updated with information about debit cards, online banking, and more
Teacher’s guide includes an answer key, extra reproducible froms

List Price: $ 16.00


Question by Gaby T: checking account?
I need to open a checking account. Would they run a credit report (i have no credit). this would be my first account ever opened. What is it that they are going to do and what are reasons why i wouldn’t be approved for a checking account? Im thinking of Chase Bank and Bank of America. Please help!

Best answer:

Answer by SCH
They will run you thru the banking equivilant of a “credit report”
which is Chexsystems. This looks for negative bank accounts at other banks. So if you have no bad acconts at other banks you will not have any problems getting an account at one of the banks you mentioned.

What do you think? Answer below!Question by : Checking account?
What are the requirements for a checking account? Do you have to be a certain age to open one?

Best answer:

Answer by mama
Just go to the bank, every one has different things, like free checking you definatley want.I really dont know about age, i was like 19 when i first got one, and if you are young, DONT get a debit card.

Add your own answer in the comments!Question by : What is the use of having a checking account if you already have a savings account?
A checking account has a lower interest rate. Is the sole purpose of a checking account in this case is to allow a larger number of monthly transcations? But if you don’t deposit all your cash to your savings account and leave some pocket-money instead, that defeats the purpose of a checking account, right?

I just don’t understand why someone should set a checking account if s/he has a savings account.

Best answer:

Answer by Go with the flow
Eventually you will have bills.
And you might want to pay them using a checking account
Savings accounts hit you hard with fees if you make too many withdrawals.

You don’t want to be one of those people that drives to the electric company to pay their bill, do you?
They wait in line to pay, while letting their motor run in their car.
Much easier to have a checking and use online bill pay.
It takes me about $ 3 in gas to drive to my electric company.

Add your own answer in the comments!


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