Apr 30

“What website can I go to apply for a government loan?”?

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Question by Samantha Green: “What website can I go to apply for a government loan?”?
I have a friend who applied for a government loan and didn’t have to pay it back because of low income. Do you know the website to apply for it?

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Answer by Common Sense
Ask your “friend”. I doubt this actually happened, as teh government doesn’t give loans except for tutition.

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Apr 27

Bankruptcy Questions : Can I File for Bankruptcy for Free?

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Bankruptcy claims can be filed for free by filling out forms that are available online from the bankruptcy court in your district. Seek legal advice, and learn the procedure for filing bankruptcy with information from a lawyer in this free video on bankruptcy. Expert: Andy Forman Bio: Andy Forman, Attorney at Law, has been in bankruptcy representation for over two decades and has lead council in over 3000 bankruptcy cases. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Visit www.VideoVocab.TV to view and download more videos on Business English vocabulary for ESL. This is the first in a two-part Video Vocab TV series on Business English vocabulary related to bankruptcy. This lesson will focus on financial English related to the two most common types of bankruptcy in US law Chapter 11 & Chapter 7.

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Apr 22

Q&A: Paying with PayPal via credit card?

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Question by a p: Paying with PayPal via credit card?
I am using my Australian PayPal account to purchase something. I purchased something successfully today using my credit card through PayPal, however I am having difficulty doing it again to purchase another item. I get this message:

“You cannot use this credit card for this transaction. Please use another funding source.”

Any ideas why? Is it one transaction every 24h or something?

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Answer by magnolia
Check with the credit card company to be sure you are not too close to your limit. There should be no problem using the card again within 24 hrs.

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