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Credit card?

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Question by : Credit card?
I’m getting a credit card soon and I don’t know anything about them. Please tell me all you know about credit cards, how they work, which has brought you the best of luck, your experiences. I’m really nervous about it.

Serious anwers please.

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Answer by BosCFA
A credit card can be a really good thing to have, or it can be a nightmare. Try to find one that charges no annual fee and that gives you some kind of reward…airline miles, cash back, something. Then…and listen closely…PAY IT OFF IN FULL EVERY MONTH!! You do that, no problem. you start missing payments, then you can quickly get in over your head.

They may occassionally send you the most boring looking documents you have ever seen in the mail. Read them. The credit cards can change the terms of your agreement, and these boring looking notices are the only way they tell you. If you use the card after theyhave sent out the change of terms, you have accepted the new terms.

Good luck.

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Mar 30

Home equity loans

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Simple example of borrowing from equity to fuel consumption
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Mar 23

Credit Card?

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Question by M.Heff: Credit Card?
I am an 18 year old student looking to establish credit. I know all the responsibilities of having a credit card, im just wondering if it would be acceptable for me to call a credit card company and ask them to give me a credit card.

I can do that, correct?

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Answer by Rae*~*Rae
That is acceptable, but it’s easier if you go online and apply for really any type of credit card that you want. Some companies will not want to give you a card unless it is secured if you don’t have any previous credit. You’re best bet it to try a department store first, even though their interest rates are the highest. This way once you get a card and make a purchase, you can pay it off quickly. Keep doing this and your credit will be established. jsut don’t go overboard and end up like the rest of us who are in debt up to our ears.

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