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Loans Personal And Business Loans

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Loans Personal And Business Loans. What are personal loans. What are business loans. Can I get a personal loan. Can anyone get a business loan?
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PSone Gran turismo 1 Ending Credit “Second Chance”

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classic gran turismo
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Feb 22

What effects does bankruptcy have on someone for the rest of their life?

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Question by Jason H: What effects does bankruptcy have on someone for the rest of their life?
Someone I know is filing for bankruptcy. I was wondering if there were any effects that bankruptcy would have on her as far as credit. Does bankruptcy go on any kind of personal record? I’m just wondering if she’ll always have to worry that filing bankruptcy will effect her credit permanently or any other issues throughout her life?

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Answer by Slimick
It comes off the credit report in ten years.

However, sometimes you “may” be asked on an application if you have ever filed for BK. Filing BK will not destroy your credit for life…The initial effects will be bad for about two years…after that…your credit score will start to go up.

In terms of catastrophic effects…filing for BK “might” effect you if you are in certain professions..ie accounting/finance…like being a CPA (filing for BK when you are a CPA would not look good)..Same issue with being a certified financial planner or stock broker. If you work for the government and need a Top Secret clearance…filing BK might be an obstacle…..In the vast majority of cases…filing for BK should not be an issue.

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